Gurdaspur Seat: BJP beating the opportunity to settle the hopefuls? - ECAS Punjab

Patiala, India: After the death of Vinod Khanna in 2017, Kavita Khanna and Swaran Salaria were likewise contenders from the BJP. Be that as it may, the BJP had handled Swaran Salariya just before the decision. After a major defeat by 1.93 lakh vote, the BJP is accomplishing additionally beating the opportunity to settle the hopefuls. This time, other than Swaran Salaria, Kavita Khanna, Former Minister Master Mohan Lal, State Vice President Narendra Parmar and previous Deputy Speaker Dinesh Singh Babu has likewise made a request for a ticket from this popular seat.

Vinod Khanna defeated Bhinder for the first time with 1 lakh 6 thousand 833 votes. In the 1999 election, Khanna won with just 1399 votes. Subsequently, Sukhbans Kaur Bhinder was reinstated in the 2004 elections. She was defeated by 24 thousand 983 votes. Khanna had managed to demolish the Congress stronghold. After Bhinder's death in 2006, the Congress fielded Pratap Singh Bajwa in the 2009 elections against Vinod Khanna. Pratap Singh Bajwa defeated Khanna with 8342 votes.

In 2014 elections, Vinod Khanna defeated Bajwa with 1 lakh 36 thousand 065 votes. Subsequently, after the death of Vinod Khanna in April 2017, the by-elections were held in 2017 only. In the by-elections of 2017, Congress brought the Swaran Salariya to the State by Sunil Jakhar and the BJP. Sunil Jakhar of Congress won by defeating Salaria by a total of 1 lakh 93 thousand 219 votes.

This opportunity to win against Congress State President Sunil Jakhar over Gurdaspur seat is by all accounts one of the bigger challenges for Bhartiya Janta Party ahead of Lok Sabha Elections 2019. The BJP has not yet decided the competitor. In spite of the fact that Bollywood Celebrities are being examined as an applicant from the BJP. After Akshay Kumar, Akshaye Khanna, presently Sunny Deol is the hot market for discourse about the BJP applicant from Gurdaspur electorate. Also in its five-year tenure, the Modi driven government had put a gigantic weight on farmer by forcing GST on agriculture sources while the equivalent had neglected to get crops at MSP which was announced by same BJP government.

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