Army docs save day-old baby with rare disorder - ECAS Punjab

Army docs save day-old baby with rare disorder

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Chandigarh, April 25

Doctors at the Military Hospital, Pathankot, performed an emergency life-saving operation on a newborn suffering from a rare disorder.

The day-old baby of a soldier born out of Caesarian section was suspected to have a rare congenital anomaly of the intestines, consequently resulting in intestinal block and perforation with contamination of abdomen with faecal material leading to septic infection.

Prompt diagnosis was made, but the condition of the baby was critical and he was not fit to be taken to the nearest pediatric surgery centre of the armed forces located at Command Hospital, Chandimandir, which would have taken six hours by road, said officials at the Western Command Headquarters.

Due to the Covid lockdown, no paediatric surgeon was available at hospitals in Pathankot.

Major Adil Abdul Kalam, surgical specialist, Pathankot Military Hospital, performed the intricate and challenging operation by opening up the abdomen of the newborn, who was on ventilator, repairing the tears in intestine and creation of stoma for diverting the stools. mdash; TNS

from The Tribune

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