No band, baaja, artistes struggle to make ends meet - ECAS Punjab

No band, baaja, artistes struggle to make ends meet

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Aakanksha N Bhardwaj

Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, May 20

Raj has been playing dhol and other instruments at weddings for the last 15 years, but he has now decided to leave the family profession and work as a labourer in a factory. Because of the pandemic, Raj has been forced to borrow money from his relatives and friends to support his family.

"I have a family to look after. I am devastated. Kuch nahee bacheya. Kadi nai socheya si, apne pushtaini kamm nu chhadna payega. Asi loka nu khushiya dittiya, ajj aap khatam ho gaye. (Nothing has been left. Never thought I will have to leave my family profession. We gave joy to people but have been ruined now)," says Raj.

Many like Raj say that they will now look to work as labourers in factories, while some others say that all their lives they had only learnt to play bands and nothing else.

They have a feeling that now marriages won't happen the way they used to be, so their livelihood finished. "No one would want band artistes and dholwalas now," Raj sums up.

Chandar, a band artiste by profession, breaks down as he shares his plight. His life had become a challenge. He is now fearful for his family's future. "Hum doosron ki khushi mein khush hone waley hain, aaj humari zindagi mein andhera hai. (We used to be happy in others happiness, but today our lives are in the dark)"

Chandar has a band team and plays trumpet in marriages and other big events. But now, since no big marriages are taking place amid the pandemic, band artistes are looking for other ways to survive.

from The Tribune

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