Revenue Dept to resume work - ECAS Punjab

Revenue Dept to resume work

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Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 6

The state Revenue Department today ordered the resumption of all revenue-related work in the non-containment zones across the state.

In directions issued today, the department made it clear that all work will be done online, without people having to come to the tehsil offices. In areas that fall under green and orange zones, only 50 per cent of the documents that were registered earlier, before the lockdown, will be registered. In the red zones, only 30 per cent of the documents registered in pre-COVID days will be registered.

The department has also given exemption for seeking biometrics of people registering the documents for the time being. While the government has allowed the registration of wills, the transfer of property within blood relatives has been put on hold.

Fard kendras have been allowed to be opened and all stamp vendors and typists have been allowed to work, while maintains social distancing, an official said.

from The Tribune

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