Govt steps in, Moga panchayat takes back boycott resolution - ECAS Punjab

Govt steps in, Moga panchayat takes back boycott resolution

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Moga, June 15

Following the intervention of the state government, Tarewala panchayat today withdrew its controversial resolution to boycott the landless Dalit labourers who were demanding exorbitant rates for transplantation of paddy seedlings in the fields.

Kahan Singh Pannu, Secretary, Agriculture, said after coming to know about the controversial resolution, he sent a team of officers to convene a joint meeting of the panchayat and the representatives of the landless labourers to find out an amicable solution to this socio-economic crisis, which, otherwise, could have had a larger impact on Punjab's rural society.

The social 'tussle' between the landlords and labourers over rates for transplanting paddy seedlings has been reported at many places in the state.

In a rare decision, the panchayat of Tarewala village passed a resolution of social boycott of the Dalit labourers who were demanding high rates for the work.

In a message to all district agriculture officers, Pannu said, "The transplantation of paddy is in full swing. As was expected, local labourers have filled the vacuum caused by non-arrival of migrant labourers to some extent. However, in a few villages some differences among farmers and labourers have been reported over wages. All officers are requested to take proactive steps to bring about reproachment in such villages." — TNS

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