Life not a movie: HC to runaway couples - ECAS Punjab

Life not a movie: HC to runaway couples

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Chandigarh, June 20

Life is not like 1973 Bollywood blockbuster "Bobby". "When happy ending is not the script, the same very intimacy and affection turns into hostility" culminating into allegations of rape or fear of honour killing, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has asserted, while warning the youngsters that reel life was different from real life. "It is time that the youth learn their lesson from the harsh reality of life," the High Court asserted.

Describing the cases of runaway couples as "Bobby-like", Justice Arun Monga observed such matters appeared to be rampantly happening in the society. Adolescents took a liking for each other, resulting in affection beyond social limits. "And next, starts their scheming for fairy tale dreamland. But, real life is different from reel life." The end result was hostility, when either one of the partners tried to call it off or parents "disapprovingly pressed the button too hard on the legal options under criminal law".

Justice Monga added the High Court was daily witnessing such kind of cases being filed. — TNS

from The Tribune

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