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Quiz to evaluate results of online school teaching

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Sanjeev Singh Bariana

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 15

With an aim of self-evaluation, the Education Department has introduced a weekly quiz for students from Classes III to V to ascertain their level of understanding in the ongoing online classes. The numbers of students in the three examination conducted on their mobile sets since May 17 have increased from 2.16 lakh to 3.10 lakh.

The state has 5.40 lakh total students enrolled from Classes III to V. This means about 57 per cent of the total students are currently availing the facility of mobile sets for their classes. "There has been an increase of nearly one lakh students during the past one month indicating increasing student interest. The test is being conducted making use of the YouTube and Google applications," said Padho Punjab Padhao Punjab programme coordinator Devinder Boha while talking to The Tribune. Students are asked 15-20 questions regarding subjects they had studied during the previous week before examination. These lessons, largely based on NCERT syllabus, are given on Doordarshan, YouTube, Siti Channel and 30 more sites.

"The questions for 'learning outcome exercise' are based on online classes they attend. They get their evaluation marks on the same day. These are then forwarded to their teachers concerned who revise their teaching strategies accordingly," said Neel Kamal, assistant district coordinator, Padho Punjab Padhao Punjab.

A senior programme planner said, "We know all students are not able to avail the benefits of the quiz. Our biggest interest was to evaluate the kind of reception our lessons had among students. We are satisfied, but will continue with our endeavour to innovate. More and more students are interested in appearing for the quiz as was relevant from the increasing numbers." To increase the gambit of the programme for junior classes, the department has started 'Aitvaar de rang sikhan sikhaun de navein dhang' (innovation for Sunday classes). This week, for example, students were exposed to classes on food and impact of Covid.

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