‘Take holy dip with caution’ - ECAS Punjab

‘Take holy dip with caution’

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Tribune News Service

Amritsar, June 21

Call it religious sentiments or negligence, majority of the devotees, have been taking a dip in sarovar during their visit to the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

Experts believe that a dip in a common water pool should be avoided under the prevailing circumstances as Amritsar has seen a spurt of Covid-19 cases.

Civil Surgeon Dr Jugal Kishore said though there was no harm if the devotees took a bath in the sarovar with caution. It’s mandatory to maintain a distance of at least six foot from each other while taking a holy dip. The authorities should ensure adequate chlorination and regular circulation of water, he said.

“If six-foot distance is not maintained in water, it can prove fatal. Covid-19 pandemic spreads mainly through human contact, spitting or droplets of infected person. That’s why distance has to be maintained. Otherwise, the pandemic does not spread in water or air. Water should be cleaned and circulated regularly as it will minimise the chances of infection,” said Dr Kishore.

Today, the devotees took bath in the sarovar at a very close distance and frequently, while water circulation could never match that frequency.

As per the ICMR guidelines, bathing in the same pool can result in spread of infection.

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