Punjab banks on counselling for fast recovery of patients - ECAS Punjab

Punjab banks on counselling for fast recovery of patients

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Sameer Singh

Tribune News Service

Bathinda, July 26

Counselling has been playing a major role in treating Covid-19 patients as more than the virus, fighting the stigma attached to it proves out to be a bigger challenge.

The Health Department has counselled scores of patients in isolation centres and quarantine facilities established. A team of doctors comprising psychiatrists has been conducting therapy sessions through video-conferencing, mobile phones (tele-counselling), one-to-one and group counselling.

More than 7,741 Covid patients of the total have recovered so far and the doctors have managed to counsel more than 70 per cent patients.

A few patients with severe symptoms (Level 1) who have been kept in high-dependence units in government medical colleges and those with mild symptoms (Level 3) rarely need counselling. Mainly Level 2 patients, who have been moved to isolation facilities, require counselling.

Dr Rajesh Bhaskar, Covid-19 Nodal Officer, said, "The idea is to keep the spirits of patients high. We engage patients in various activities to ensure that stress does not hamper their recovery. Yoga, meditation, indoor games, motivational lectures, recreational activities and even videos of success stories of recovered patients are showcased." Dr Arun Bansal, head of psychiatry unit, Bathinda Civil Hospital, said, "To alleviate fear among patients, we tell them the facts. Recovery from virus is not the only thing that stresses a patient, but getting accepted in the society after treatment is the biggest issue. Patients in isolation facilities can suffer from insomnia and panic attacks."

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