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Register workers in three months, Centre tells Punjab

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Karam Prakash

Tribune News Service

Patiala, July 25

The Central Government, keeping in view the plight of construction workers amid Covid-19, has asked the Punjab Labour Department to register the left-out labourers. Time and again, it has been reported that there is a big chunk of labour that has been left out of the registration process.

The department has to finish the exercise within three months, so that labourers can utilise the benefits of social welfare schemes in the future. In an advisory to all states, the Ministry of Labour and Employment directed that the workforce (construction workers) needs social protection the most. Therefore, they should be registered with the Building and Other Construction Works (BOCW) to better implement the said schemes.

Currently, there are only 3.02 lakh registered workers in the state. The Centre has asked the state to increase the registration up to 8.32 lakh in the next three months. The number of construction workers in the state is over 20 lakh.

To ramp up registration, the state has been directed to rope in NGOs. Besides, a special awareness drive in the workers'' colonies, labour chowks etc. will be held.

The state has been also advised to adopt the practice of self- registration and self-certification to ease the registration process.

Vijay Walia, an activist, said the state had been lagging behind in the registration of workers. Moreover, anomalies in the process of registration had been reported umpteen times.

VK Janjua, principal secretary, Labour Department, said: "We are planning a campaign to register the left-out construction worker in the state. It will be challenge for us to carry out registration drive, considering the Covid restrictions."

Wary of fake entries

To remove fake registrations, the state has been advised to share information of registered beneficiaries with the trade unions, federations, and NGOs

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