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Seeking arms licence in Patiala? Plant 10 saplings

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Tribune News Service

Patiala, July 29

With a resolve to check land degradation and declining groundwater levels in the state and urge Patiala residents to lead the combat against deforestation, Chander Gaind, Commissioner, Patiala Division, has introduced a new condition for getting an arms licence.

Terming the initiative 'Trees For Gun', the Commissioner said the idea was based on encouraging people to plant more trees and nurture them. Anyone desirous to get a new arms licence would have to plant 10 saplings and ones wanting to renew an existing one would have to plant five saplings.

"People will have to submit a selfie with each planted sapling at the time of filing the licence application. After a period of one month, before marking the application for police clearance and dope test, the applicant will have to furnish the fresh status by submitting new selfies with the grown-up trees," Gaind said.

In this way, one would have to compulsorily plant saplings, which would contribute to an increased forest cover, he maintained. MP Preneet Kaur, while appreciating the idea, appealed to the other districts to follow suit.

Meanwhile, applicants rued that the process to get an arms licence was already lengthy and cumbersome and officers were adding more conditions to make it stringent.

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