Addicts swarm Abohar hospital for medicines - ECAS Punjab

Addicts swarm Abohar hospital for medicines

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Raj Sadosh

Abohar, August 4

A large number of addicts from various villages are flocking the de-addiction centre at the Civil Hospital here for treatment.

It is a matter of concern that so many people have become addicts. During the lockdown, many of them had reportedly been fulfilling their needs by taking medicines under the pretext of giving up addiction.

Senior Medical Officer Dr Gagandeep Singh said those who come to the de-addiction centre were told to wait at the hospital park and follow social distancing. As on the week-end, advance medicine was given, the number of such patients increased manifold.

De-addiction centre in-charge and psychiatrist Dr Mahesh said during the lockdown the number of patients had increased. Earlier, there used to be around 100 patients, but now the number had crossed 450. He said due to the lack of intoxicants, many people were using medicines that were available at the de-addiction centre to fulfil their needs. Despite government's anti-drug campaign, there was lack of awareness among people.

A few former addicts said there had been check on the availability of poppy husk after it was banned by Rajasthan five years ago.

from The Tribune

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