Approval to build separate floors has officials in a fix - ECAS Punjab

Approval to build separate floors has officials in a fix

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Chandigarh, August 3

Hundreds of notices issued to builders for illegally constructing independent floors under the jurisdiction of the Zirakpur civic body could come in the way of a recent decision of the Local Government Department of approving building plans of floors.

The notices, under Section 195 of the Punjab Municipal Act, 1911, had been issued to builders for illegally raising independent floors without getting the building plans approved as per the building bylaws. The offences include non-compoundable violations, including common stairs and not leaving requisite setback at the front and rear. The Director, Local Government, in July last year, had pointed out that some builders, after getting a licence from the competent authority for a colony in the form of plotted development, constructed stilt plus three (S+3) and ground plus three (G+3) structures in violation of the municipal building bylaws. In some cases, developers got plans sanctioned for arrow of contagious units by showing each as a separate unit whereas they were part of a larger project. “Now, the government has clarified that building plans of independent floors can be cleared subject to no violation of the building bylaws. This means notices have to be withdrawn and non-compoundable violations need to be removed,” said a senior official.

Recently, Local Government Director Bhupinder Pal Singh had allowed the department to approve building plans for G+2, G+3, S+3 and S+4 independent floors under the Punjab Municipal Building Bylaws, 2018, and subsequent amendments, which provide for independent floors, but there should be no violation of the building bylaws. — TNS

from The Tribune

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