CNG brick-kilns need of the hour, says Agri Secy - ECAS Punjab

CNG brick-kilns need of the hour, says Agri Secy

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Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 30

In order to curb air pollution, most brick-kilns out of 2,200 units in the state have adopted zig-zag high draught technology, which uses less coal as compared to traditional brick-kilns firing system.

KS Pannu, Director, Tandrust Punjab Mission and Agriculture Secretary, said technological advancement in combustion systems have made it possible to convert coal-based brick-kilns into compressed natural gas (CNG)-based brick-kilns without much change in the design of the unit. Under the Tandrust Punjab Mission, we intend to explore the possibilities of shifting brick-kilns from coal to CNG, he said.

“Shifting brick-kilns to CNG will not only help in reducing the cost of production of bricks, but it will also help to substantially reduce air pollution,” said Pannu.

from The Tribune

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