Ludhiana’s crowded areas pose challenge - ECAS Punjab

Ludhiana’s crowded areas pose challenge

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Manav Mander

Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 9

Ludhiana is the worst-hit district in the state when it comes to Covid-positive cases and deaths being reported so far. The reason behind the spike is the thickly populated urban pockets. Around 87 per cent cases reported are from urban areas while rural areas account for only 13 per cent cases. The cure rate in Ludhiana is 64 per cent while the fatality rate is 3 per cent.

Of the 4,512 cases reported till August 7, 3,987 have been reported from Ludhiana city while 175 were reported from Khanna, 141 from Jagraon, 69 each from Raikot and Payal and 71 from Samrala. Similarly, 136 deaths have been reported from Ludhiana city while three each have been reported from Jagraon and Raikot, four from Khanna and one each from Samrala and Payal.

In Ludhiana, the first positive case was reported on March 24 and the first death on March 30. In March, two cases were reported and in April, the total number of cases went to 78. In May, the total cases were 195. Once the unlock period started in June, the total cases rose to 840 and in July, the number went to 3,246.

The first death in Ludhiana was reported on March 30 and in April, the total number of deaths reported was four, followed by eight in May and 20 in June. In July, the total deaths reported were 82 and shockingly, in August, within seven days, the toll rose to 148.

Ludhiana Deputy Commissioner Varinder Sharma said the district was the most populated in Punjab. The number of cases reported was in proportion to the population and there was nothing unusual in Ludhiana as compared to data from other parts of the state.

"I appeal to people to maintain social distancing, wear mask all the time, keep washing hands and avoid social functions," he said.

Civil Surgeon Rajesh Bagga said the casual attitude of the people was leading to a spike in cases. "The city is thickly populated and sadly, 50 per cent people don't wear masks. Lower strata population is generally seen without masks while moving out in the public. On the other hand, the upper class wears masks but people from this strata are not avoiding eating out and attending parties."

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