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‘Taksal behind Indira’s killing’

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Vishav Bharti
Tribune News Service
Chandigarh, August 26

Though it has been a common belief that Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's assassination was just an act of revenge by her Sikh bodyguards, a new book claims that it was the Damdami Taksal which conspired the murder.

More revelations

  • The book reveals that Damdami Taksal's Manbir Singh, the main conspirator, was arrested on August 8, 1986, from Jalandhar and was kept in various jails in Punjab.
  • Later, he was shifted to Bihar. The police said he 'escaped' in December 1987, while being brought back to Punjab, but it believed that he was killed in custody.

So far, names of two assassins Beant Singh and Satwant Singh, and their accomplice Kehar Singh are known to the public, but the book claims that three more persons were involved in the conspiracy, whose names never surfaced in any investigation.

Written by Chandigarh-based veteran journalist Jagtar Singh, who reported from Amritsar and Chandigarh during the turbulent years, the book "Rivers on Fire: Khalistan Struggle" claims that though assassination of Indira Gandhi was not associated with any political outfit, the Damdami Taksal was part of the plot from the beginning. As per excerpts of the book shared with The Tribune, the names of all those who gunned down Indira Gandhi and those who were part of the design to kill her are in public domain.

"However, at least three more persons besides all those known names were part of the plan to avenge Operation Bluestar."

The Taksal was in the picture in the assassination of Indira Gandhi from the planning stage. When the bodyguard-turned-assassin, Beant Singh, made up his mind, he was concerned about the future of his wife Bimal Kaur and three kids.

"It was at this crucial juncture that he was extended assurance by Damdami Taksal's man Manbir Singh Chaheru. This was made possible with the help of two other persons, one of whom was a bank employee and the other member of the Taksal, Prem Singh. The bank employee was from Ropar district and never questioned by the police in this case. He later died.

Manbir joined the Damdami Taksal in 1981 and became personal bodyguard of Bhindranwale and later headed the Khalistan Commando Force after Operation Bluestar. Keeping his words, Manbir provided funds for the purchase of residential plot in Mohali for the widow of Beant Singh.

from The Tribune https://ift.tt/3b7BoQc

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