Year after floods, Lohian residents struggle to stay afloat - ECAS Punjab

Year after floods, Lohian residents struggle to stay afloat

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Deepkamal Kaur

Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, August 27

A year after massive floods wreaked havoc in their villages, Lohian residents recall the nightmarish experiences they went through during the turbulent times when Sutlej waters washed away their crops, belongings and animals, and damaged their houses.

The residents shared their experiences on how they are trying to start their livelihood once again and slowly recovering the losses they had incurred. They say the compensation of Rs 12,000 per acre that came their way was too little to recover the actual damage.

Tarsem Singh, a resident of Janian Chahal village, said, "Though I got Rs 12,000 compensation for the crop loss on my 1-acre land, nothing came our way for the damaged verandah. There are cracks all over my house and I need Rs 1.5 lakh to repair it. I sought help from various sources, but to no avail. My biggest support was my younger brother Nirmal Singh in Dubai, who was to return this year and help me, but he passed away in May this year because of Covid."

Like Tarsem, Manjit Kaur of the same village says she is badly hit after the floods damaged her crops. "I got a compensation for my 1-acre land. Last year, my 17-year-old son started helping me in the fields. I had taken 2 acres on contract. I had paid Rs 45,000 in advance to the land owner but got nothing in return as the entire crop got damaged," she said.

Major Singh, whose house faced the maximum impact as it was located right in front of the breach point in the river, says the horrifying scenes still send jitters up his spine. "My house had developed cracks all over and I had to spend nearly Rs 2 lakh for its repair. The compensation came only for the crop loss, but that was miniscule as compared to the actual input cost," he said.

from The Tribune

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