Amid uproar, SGPC passes Rs 981-cr budget - ECAS Punjab

Amid uproar, SGPC passes Rs 981-cr budget

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Amritsar, September 28

Amid uproar by some members over the 'saroop' issue, the SGPC passed its annual budget of Rs 981 crore for 2020-2021 today.

The reduction in income in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic showed its impact on the budget that was cut by 18.5 per cent. In 2019-2020, it was Rs 1,205 crore. There has been a reduction of at least 30 per cent revenue due to the drop in the footfall of devotees.

Against Rs 714 crore last year, only Rs 577 crore has been allocated for the management of gurdwaras in 2020-2021. The budget was bifurcated into three parts — general board fund, trust funds and education funds. For 2020-2021, the general board funds have been curtailed from Rs 75 crore to Rs 57 crore, a reduction of 28 per cent, the trust funds from Rs 55.33 crore to Rs 37.61 crore, a decrease of 32 per cent, and the education fund from Rs 37.70 crore to Rs 28.44 crore. However, for printing presses where saroops and Sikh religious literature is printed, a total of Rs 8.20 crore was spared to be spent on four printing presses. — TNS

Saroop row: SGPC chief seeks apology

During the budget session, SGPC president Gobind Singh Longowal sought apology from the Sikh Panth for the misappropriation of Guru Granth Sahib "saroops". He said the greed of some SGPC officials and staffers had put the SGPC in a worrisome situation

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