Fake receipts issued for registration of sale deeds - ECAS Punjab

Fake receipts issued for registration of sale deeds

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Ruchika M Khanna

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 11

The Revenue Department has asked deputy commissioners in all districts across the state to look into any financial embezzlement by officials while submitting online registration fee.

Online fee fraud — Modus operandi

  • Contract staff was hired at sub-registrar/joint sub-registrar offices to record registry, insert pictures of buyer/seller in computer
  • Staff in Ludhiana district got access to fee collection system and started collecting receipts of registries
  • Receipts collected were reused with other registries of sale deeds, while fake receipts were given to the buyer and/or seller

The instructions have been issued following instances of embezzlement in two sub-registrar offices in Ludhiana district. It is learnt that fake receipts were issued to people who had come to get the registration of their sale deeds and the original receipts of these registries were re-used.

'Embezzled money recovered'

We have recovered the amount embezzled by the accused in Dakha, and initiated disciplinary action against him. We suspect same modus operandi could have been used at other places. — Senior Revenue Dept Officer

Officials in the department have told The Tribune contract workers were hired as the regular staff was not well-versed with the online method of registering of deeds.

"Some persons were recruited through the Punjab Land Records Society on a contract basis at the offices of sub-registrar and joint sub-registrar for the work. We have now detected that though their job was only to record registry in computers and insert pictures of the buyer and seller in the system, they started collecting the registration fee," a senior officer in the department said.

Once they had access to the fee collection system, they started collecting receipts of registries, instead of locking each receipt with the corresponding registry.

The receipts collected were then reused with other registries of sale deeds, while fake receipts were given to the buyer and/or seller.

"Deputy commissioners, sub-registrars and joint sub-registrars have been asked to check all registries affected since the online registration was allowed, and immediately get FIRs registered against accused officials," said the officer who has initiated the inquiry across the state.

It is learnt the department is ready to go fully online in registering documents and getting details of each registry in tehsil or sub-tehsil office.

"We are now in the process of refining the system so that no one can tinker with the online fee being collected," said the officer.

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