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Farm leaders behind the agitation

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Joginder Singh Ugrahan

President, BKU (Ugrahan)

An ex-Army man, Joginder Singh Ugrahan hails from a farming family of Sunam and is one of the most popular farm leaders in the country. In 2002, he formed the BKU (Ugrahan) and has been raising farmer issues since. Known for his crowd-pulling power and ability to mobilise masses through speeches, Ugrahan has been one of the frontrunners of the stir against the recent farm laws in the state. "We need no politician, MLA or MP at our rallies. Farmers are enough to fight for their own rights and protest," he says.

Sukhdev Singh Kokrikalan

Sukhdev Singh Kokrikalan

Gen secy, BKU (Ugrahan)

A former government schoolteacher, Sukhdev Singh Kokrikalan (70) of Kokrikalan village in Moga district has led various protests in the state. He participated in an agitation led by temporary teachers in 1978, for which he was jailed for two months. "We are raising our rightful demands. Farmers connect to the pro-agriculturist agenda of our organisation," says Kokrikalan. "If such ordinances are implemented, small-time farmers will be left with no choice but to give up farming. We will not let this happen," he says.

Balbir Singh Rajewal

Balbir Singh Rajewal

President, BKU (Rajewal)

The 78-year-old firebrand activist from Rajewal village in Khanna has been jailed many times for raising farm issues. "The Central Government has brought in these ordinances to please corporates and we will oppose it," says Rajewal. Known as the face of the farming community in the state, the activist says he is happy that farmers across the country are getting support from all quarters. "What started as an agitation at the district level is now a pan-India movement," he says. He dares the Centre to ignore the farming community.

Jagmohan Singh

Jagmohan Singh

Gen secy, BKU (Dakaunda)

Hailing from a small village of Karma near the India-Pakistan border in Ferozepur, Jagmohan Singh is one of the most respected farm leaders of Punjab. He became a full-time activist in 1985 in the aftermath of the Delhi riots. He has been actively involved in holding dharnas and agitations in the state. Known as a trusted farmer lieutenant, Jagmohan enjoys support not only from his own association and members, but also from several other farmer organisations that look up to him for advice pertaining to various issues. — Aman Sood/TNS

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