Malkit Singh, Gurdas Mann, Jasbir Jassi sing songs to support farmers' protest - ECAS Punjab

Malkit Singh, Gurdas Mann, Jasbir Jassi sing songs to support farmers' protest

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Sukhmeet Bhasin
Tribune News Service
Bathinda, September 20

UK-based Punjabi singer Malkit Singh has come out in the support of the farmers over the issue of the three contentious agricultural bills.

Singh said, "Earlier, the government brought 'One nation, one language' which was also totally wrong and now the government has brought 'One nation, one Mandi'".

Singh said, "I think big farmers can go to another state to sell their crop, but marginal farmers would face a huge problem, so Modi sahib should think about this and some minister has given resignation, we respect them as well, so everybody should do something for the betterment of our Punjab."

He also said, "In the songs, we presented Jatts as big heroes...I would appeal all NRIs and artists to support them. If I had been there, I would have gone to protest with them because I am also a son of Jatt and I would have fully supported them in their protest."

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This is a big issue and it should be resolved at the earliest, he added.

Malkit Singh stated this in a live interaction with his fans on social media on Saturday night. He also sang "Punjab saada rahe vasda, khet mazdoor rahe vasda" and "Ethe aayi bahut sarkaara ne par dukh sunea nahi kade kisi jatt da".

Gurdas Mann has also come out in support of farmers as last night he posted on his social media handle "Kisan hai the Hindustan hai. Sarbat Da bhala hovey".

Another Punjabi singer Jasbir Jassi has also come out with a song "Ko bhi sarkar hove, koi bhi darbar hove, kisan nu apne hakka lai ladna kyu painda, desh nu zindgi deke apni marna kyu painda, kyu sarkar koi aandata di gal nahi sundi, kyu koi thos niti kisan lai nahi bandi".

Earlier, in 2018 as well, Jassi had performed at farmers' protest at the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi.

Singers Pammi Bai and Harjit Harman have announced support for the farmers and have reached out to them at the protest venue and staged a protest over this issue.

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