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Akshay Kumar requests media to show sensitivity while reporting about Bollywood

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Akshay Kumar, who returned to Mumbai from Scotland a few days ago after wrapping up Bell Bottom, has come to speak up on the matters existing in the industry. The actor took to social media to discuss the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, drug investigation, tarnishing the industry name and hoping sensitivity from media.

Akshay Kumar requests media to show sensitivity while reporting about Bollywood

“I am talking to you today with a heavy heart. I had a lot of things in my heart to say in the last couple of weeks. There was so much negativity that I couldn’t understand what to say, who to speak with. See, we are called stars but you made Bollywood with your love. We are not just an industry but through films, we have spread our culture and values of our country to every corner of the world,” Akshay said in the video.

“Whenever there was a discussion of our citizens and their sentiments, whatever you were feeling, films have only tried to showcase the same over the years. Be it the ‘angry young man’ or ‘corruption’ or ‘poverty’ or ‘unemployment’ – cinema has tried to showcase it in every way possible. If you have anger, even that anger is understood,” he added.

Speaking of the untimely death of Sushant Singh Rajput and how it shined the light on various aspects of the industry, he said, “After the sudden death of Sushant Singh Rajput, many of such issues have come to limelight, it has also pained us the same way as it has pained all of you. And those issues have made us reflect on ourselves. It has made us reflect on many of the issues pertaining to the industry which needed to be attended.”

“Like the talk about Narcotics and drugs, keeping a hand on my heart, how do I say lie to you that this problem doesn’t exist? It does exist. But, everyone from every industry and every profession is involved in that thing can’t be possible. Drugs is a legal matter and I have all the faith in law enforcement and court authorities that whatever they are investigating, it will be right. I also know that everyone from the film industry will cooperate with them. But, folding my hands, I am requesting that please don’t see the entire industry in the same light and diminish the name. This not right. This is wrong,” Akshay Kumar cited.

Speaking about media and the power it holds, he requested the media to be more sensitive in this issue. “Personally, I’ve known the power of media. Our media, if at the correct time does not bring the right issues in the spotlight at the right time, then maybe not a lot of people get their voice and justice. I request the media from the bottom of my heart that they should continue to raise their voices but please show some sensitivity. Because one negative news can ruin the reputation of the person who has worked hard for years.”

“To the fans, I have only this message to say that you only made us. We won’t let your belief in us leave. If you have problems, we will work on it to overcome those issues. We will win your love and belief. If you are there, then we are here. Just be with us. Thank you,” he concluded his 4 minute message.

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