Capt Amarinder Singh raises stakes with Bills - ECAS Punjab

Capt Amarinder Singh raises stakes with Bills

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Rajmeet Singh

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 20

By getting three Bills passed in the state Assembly with the support of the major opposition parties, Capt Amarinder Singh has raised the stakes in the Congress' fight against the BJP over the contentious farm laws.

On Tuesday, the Chief Minister by getting the farm Bills passed has given the much-required political impetus to the grand old party that has been looking for a foothold to take on the Narendra Modi-led BJP government, provided it uses it aptly.

Across the country, especially in Punjab and Haryana, the sentiment of the farming community has been against the Central farm laws. The Congress-ruled Punjab became the first state to use the legislative route to rubbish the laws, knowing well that

the fate of the Bills lies with the Centre.

Sensing the mood of people, the SAD and AAP had no option but to follow the narrative set by the Congress in taking on the Centre. Indicating the political battle that lay ahead, Captain Amarinder, after meeting the Punjab Governor, said, "It is the first step. One has to wait. Things happen step by step."

Political analysts said to reap benefit of the support on the farm issue, the party would have to scale up its agitation in the coming months, knowing well that the Centre would try not to give it political advantage in the situation.

With almost one year left for the Assembly elections and anti-incumbency factor at play, the CM armed with "the crusader for farmers" image would not desist from throwing his hat in the electoral battle, much to the disadvantage of his adversaries within the party.

He has already said the Centre had no need to dismiss him as he was carrying his resignation in the pocket and would give it willingly, rather than compromise on the interests of Punjab and its farmers.

from The Tribune

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