Dog sterilisation project launched - ECAS Punjab

Dog sterilisation project launched

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Ferozepur, October 25

In view of the spurt in the population of stray dogs in this border town and a spike in dog bite incidents, the Cantonment Board with the help of the Compassion for Animal Welfare Association has launched a sterilisation project to eradicate this menace.

Under the initiative, the board will assist in managing the street dog population and control the prevalence of rabies. During the process, the dogs will be caught from specific areas by experienced dog catchers and handlers, following which the surgery of both male and female dogs will be done. Every dog will be provided with anti-rabies vaccine. Brig Vignesh Mahanty, president, Cantonment Board, said the dogs would be given a permanent identification mark to indicate that it had been vaccinated. — OC

from The Tribune

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