Effigy makers’ plans go up in smoke - ECAS Punjab

Effigy makers’ plans go up in smoke

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Anirudh Gupta

Ferozepur, October 19

Effigy makers, who wait around for Dasehra every year, are in distress as this time no effigies will be burnt in the wake of restrictions on mass gatherings due to Covid.

In the past 32 years, this will be the first time when no effigy burning will take place. The pandemic has indeed dampened the festive spirit, dashing the hopes of the effigy makers.

Craftsmen Rajesh Kumar and Sunil Kumar said they had been making effigies for several years. "I learnt the craft from my father and grandfather. During this time every year, we used to make good money. But now, we will be out of work. This has never happened before. Even during insurgency days, people used to come to Dasehra grounds to celebrate the victory of good over evil," said Rajesh.

Sunil said he would make a good profit by selling one effigy for around Rs 70,000. "We will suffer a heavy loss this year. We even met with officials and some influential persons in the hope of finding a solution, but in vain. Nevertheless, we still have hope that the administration will allow gatherings for Dasehra celebrations at a small level," he said.

Moreover, with the state government giving its nod for staging 'Ramlila' only last week, the clubs which organise 'Ramlila' in the border town say it won't be possible for them to make arrangements at the last moment.

Even artistes, who perform in the 'Ramlila', are in despair. Some would take part in the 'Ramlila' out of devotion while others would do so to make extra money. "I hope with the blessings of Lord Ram, everything will be alright soon," said Puggal, an artiste. Vijay Monga of Siyaram Dramatic Club said for the past 23 years, the club had been organising the event to mark Dasehra, but this time, the club had decided to give it a miss.

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