Land under stubble management increases to 62.5%: PAU study - ECAS Punjab

Land under stubble management increases to 62.5%: PAU study

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Tribune News Service
Ludhiana, October 27

Even as there has been a sudden spurt in farm fire incidents this year, the land under stubble management has increased considerably.

According to Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), the percentage of farm land on which stubble was managed sans burning has improved from 16.03 per cent in 2017 to 50.61 per cent in 2018 and 62.58 per cent in 2019.

Dr Gursahib Singh, additional director, Farm Power and Machinery, PAU, said the remote sensing data showed a two-fold increase in the farm fire cases when compared to incidents recorded last year. The state had recorded 14,461 cases this year as against 7,040 last year till October 25.

Meanwhile, both last year and this year, the percentage of land where the stubble was burnt till October 25 has been over 20 per cent. This is despite early harvesting of the crop this year.

Dr Gursahib further laid emphasis on the fact that farmers were better placed this year to take up paddy straw management practices due to enhanced availability of machines, as there had been an addition of 23,500 machines to the existing number of 50,815.

The prevalence of short duration rice varieties, such as PR 121 and PR 126, on more than 70 per cent of parmal rice area is another favourable feature. These varieties have less biomass and short duration, making them highly amenable to paddy straw management. The advent of super seeder, which has been approved by the PAU this year, can improve the situation further by providing the farmers with more options for straw management.

Hopefully, farmers would respond to the need for clean air and set a benchmark for managing straw, he added.

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