Penalised, farmers seek subsidy on straw management system - ECAS Punjab

Penalised, farmers seek subsidy on straw management system

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Jalandhar, October 18

Joginder Singh, a Kartarpur-based farmer, was last week asked to pay Rs 50,000 as environmental compensation for operating a combine harvester without super straw management system (SMS).

Similarly, despite limited sources of earning, two more farmers from Bhogpur paid the compensation to get their combine harvesters back from Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) officials.


Beeru Mulli Nangal, farmer

Machine too costly

Most of the farmers running small and medium units cannot afford the machine. No fine should be imposed on them.


While the administration is imposing hefty fine on farmers to push them to adopt stubble management practices, farmers here rue unavailability of enough SMS machines on subsidies. Urging the authorities to not impose fines, farmers said combine harvesters without SMS helped them collect fodder for their cattle from the crop residue.

As the SMS-operated harvesters chop the paddy straw into tiny pieces, the crop then can't be used as fodder.

Surjit Singh, a farmer from Kala Bhakra, Bhogpur, who was also slapped a Rs 50,000 fine, said; "Not only SMS machines are costly and increase the cost of harvesting from Rs 1,200-1,300 to Rs 1,800 per acre, they also leave us with no fodder."

Beeru Mulli Nangal, a farmer who is a member of the Agriculture Production Committee and has been rewarded by the administration for adopting stubble management measures, said it was unfair to levy fines on farmers. — TNS

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