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Brisk sales add sparkle to dealers’ business

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Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 15

Cracker dealers are in an upbeat mood this Diwali as they said all their fears of having dull business were put to rest after witnessing a huge rush of buyers in the market in the last three days. Though they maintained that green crackers were sold maximum as these were mostly demanded by buyers, at the same time they believed that apart from "government stamp" on green crackers, there was hardly any difference between the green or normal crackers as far as pollution levels were concerned.

Pradeep Kumar, president, Ludhiana Fire Cracker Dealers' Association, said the sales remained more than expected in this part of the region.

"All were concerned because of Covid spread and there was a fear among cracker dealers over rumours of putting a ban on burning fire crackers as a few states had already announced the same. But we are thankful that no such announcement was made and crackers were purchased as per our expectations," he said.

Commenting on the sale of green crackers, Kumar said maximum buyers asked for green crackers this time. "Those crackers had a 'government stamp', but as far as difference from normal crackers was concerned, there was hardly any difference as pollution levels were witnessed at the same levels," he said. Crackers start arriving in the city in March and these are stocked in godowns by dealers. These are brought from Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu — the place where crackers are manufactured.

"Be it birthdays, marriages, or any important occasion crackers are burnt sold throughout the year," maintained Rajesh Kumar, a cracker dealer.

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