Dhadi groups spar over performance time at Akal Takht - ECAS Punjab

Dhadi groups spar over performance time at Akal Takht

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Tribune News Service

Amritsar, November 11

The traditional 'diwan' at the Akal Takht has been disrupted following a conflict between two factions — Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Shiromani Dhadi Sabha and Miri Piri Shiromani Dhadi Sabha — over the performance hours allotted to them.

Dhadis (balladeers) are traditional performers who sing ballads with a 'sarangi', a string instrument, and a 'dhad', a small drum. The tradition was started by sixth Sikh master Guru Hargobind Sahib at the Akal Takht.

As the dhadis earn their income from donations by pilgrims, both groups want to perform for the maximum time. Gurmej Singh BA from the Miri Piri group alleged violating the Akal Takht's 'maryada' (tenets), the diwan was interrupted midway by the other group on September 22.

"Since then, except for a few sessions held by the SGPC's dhadi jathas, the diwan has been suspended. We have approached the Akal Takht secretariat and SGPC against it, but in vain," he said. He alleged a secretary-level official of the SGPC was favouring the opposite group and created a rift.

In defence, Baldev Singh MA from Sri Guru Hargobind Singh dhadi group said it was Akal Takht's decision to allow only those dhadis to perform who qualify the 'test'. "Unlike the Miri Piri group, we were prepared to undergo the test. The Miri Piri group has a few number of qualified dhadis, whereas the ones under us are certified," he said.

SGPC's Dharam Parchar Committee official Ajaib Singh Abhiyasi said it was misinformation that the 'diwan' was not being held at the Akal Takht. "Following the feud between the groups, the diwan is being organised by SGPC's dhadi jathas," he said.

The test of the dhadis could not be conducted due to lockdown, he added, saying the new dates of the test would be announced post Diwali, probably on November 18-19.

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