Farmers staying back tend fields of protesters - ECAS Punjab

Farmers staying back tend fields of protesters

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Sameer Singh
Tribune News Service
Bathinda, November 27

Even as farmers in large numbers have left for Delhi to protest the contentious farm laws, many are holding the fort back home, irrigating fields, spreading fertilisers and guarding freshly sown fields not only theirs but others as well in the Malwa region.

In Bathinda and Mansa districts, special announcements were made from village gurdwaras that while farmers on the frontline battled it out against the farm laws, those staying back would ensure fields weren't neglected.

Gurmeet Singh, a farmer from Mehma Serja village, said: "It is our responsibility to look after fields of our farmer-brothers while they participate in the nationwide protest against the farm laws. We will ensure that their fields are taken care of."

Interestingly, while neighbours and those in close circles of farmers have volunteered for the job, it's the youngsters in villages in particular who have shown a keen interest in taking care of the crops.

Didar Singh, another farmer from Bhaini Bagha village in Mansa, have been exhorting his friends and acquaintances to shun any personal differences and stand united in this phase of adversity. He is urging residents of around half a dozen villages from his block to take care of the fields of farmers who have gone to Delhi.

Jagshir Singh Jhumba, general secretary, BKU (Ekta Ugrahan), who has gone to Delhi to take part in protest, said over the phone: "The unity and brotherhood exhibited by farmers staying back in villages has infused a new confidence among protesters. Marching towards Delhi, they are no longer worried about their fields."

from The Tribune

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