Punjabi MPs in Canada, UK flay use of force - ECAS Punjab

Punjabi MPs in Canada, UK flay use of force

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Tribune News Service

Bathinda, November 28

NRIs and foreign politicians have condemned the use of force, including tear-gas and water cannons, by the Haryana and Delhi police on Punjab farmers peacefully marching towards Delhi.

NDP MLA and parliament secretary of British Columbia in Canada Rachna Singh shared a video of The Tribune on Twitter criticising the use of force. Canadian MP Randeep Singh Sarai posted, “Farmers are the backbone of Punjab and they deserve to be treated with respect. I stand in solidarity with Punjab farmers.”

Another Punjabi Canadian MP Sukh Dhaliwal tweeted, “The right to peaceful protest is fundamental in any democracy. I am very disturbed by the treatment of Punjabi farmers in India. I stand with Punjab farmers”.

MP from UK Preet Kaur Gill has also posted a video along with a post stating “This is no way to treat citizens who are peacefully protesting over the controversial farmers’ laws in India”.

Canadian MP Maninder Sidhu also posted, “Many of my constituents and I are deeply concerned about the safety of our family and friends in India. The right to peaceful protest is a constitutional right. Farmers in India should be able to voice their opinions and protest peacefully without fear for their safety”.

Canadian MP Tim Uppal also posted, “India’s farmers deserve to be heard and respected. This is horrific”.

MP from Brampton North in Canada Ruby Sahota also said, “The determination and resilience of the farmers is admirable. In a free and just society one should be able to advocate for their cause without the threat of force being used against them. The brutality being faced by Indian farmers is deplorable.”

Jack Harris, Canadian MP, has tweeted, “We are shocked to see the Indian government’s suppression of farmers protesting new laws which will endanger their livelihood. Instead of using water cannons and tear-gas, the Indian government needs to engage in open dialogue with farmers”. Gurratan Singh, an activist in Canada has posted: “The Indian government’s use of water cannons and tear gas on farmers is appalling.”

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