Warning boards against stray animals’ release dot Faridkot - ECAS Punjab

Warning boards against stray animals’ release dot Faridkot

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Tribune News Service

Faridkot, November 22

To keep a check on the problem of stray animals, the district administration of Faridkot has installed warning boards in all towns, conveying that any person found releasing stray animals would be penalised.

"We fear herding of stray animals from other districts to Faridkot. To prevent the illegal practice, we have installed warning boards at the entry points of all towns in the district," said Vimal Setia, Deputy Commissioner. While farmers in the rural areas complain of stray cows and bulls damaging their crops, residents in urban areas grumble that these abandoned animals injure children and elderly people and cause many road accidents while roaming the streets and roads.

To save their crops, villagers make rosters for night guard duties and have built watch towers (machanns) to keep an eye on the animals in the winter season. Braving cold weather, they are forced to sleep in their fields at night. Sometimes, they have to chase intruding animals with a torch and a stick.

"Stray animals graze on the fields and trample the crop," said Sukhdev Singh, a farmer from Golewala village of Faridkot.

To deal with the animals, farmers pool money to pay to professionals who are well-trained in catching the stray animals and herding these to the urban areas. Farmers said the state government had imposed a cow cess on various services for protection and maintenance of stray animals in the city sheds, but the problem seemed to be only increasing.

"We are trying our best to deal with the stray animals' problem. This year, the administration has been able to catch 875 stray and abandoned animals in the district and send them to the shelter homes," the DC said.

"We plan to open a shelter home for stray animals for every 15 villages in the district," he added.

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