After ration, clothes, free turbans for protesters - ECAS Punjab

After ration, clothes, free turbans for protesters

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Ajay Joshi
Tribune News Service
Jalandhar, December 14

Amid distribution of ration, blankets, clothes and other supplies at Singhu and Tikri borders, Sikh youth are making a unique contribution to the stir by distributing free turbans among protesters.

Doaba and Mansa-based members of "Turban Bank" (a free turban service) are not only distributing the turbans but are also organising a turban-tying camp. The group has already distributed over 2,000 turbans. Tejinder Singh (36), founder of the bank said, "For Sikhs, turban is an identity, a symbol of spirituality, pride and honour. A Sikh can give up his life for his turban. It is a symbol of unity and integrity for the community. Hence, we are receiving an overwhelming response."

Harwinder Singh and Satwant Singh, Jalandhar-based turban bank members, are also in demand at the borders for their turban-tying skills. Harwinder said: "Besides easy methods, we teach how to tie Patiala Sahi, Amritsar Sahi, Morni and Parna turbans." Interestingly, farmers from Haryana, UP and Rajasthan at the protest sites are equally taking interest in proudly flaunting a turban around their head.

from The Tribune

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