Day after suspending 350 MBBS students, principal revokes order - ECAS Punjab

Day after suspending 350 MBBS students, principal revokes order

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Patiala, December 9

The principal of Government Medical College (GMC), Patiala, revoked his order of the suspension of around 350 MBBS students on Wednesday. The students were suspended on Tuesday for 'not attending' a Covid meeting called by him.

Principal Dr Rajan Singla said the students had given a written apology due to which their suspension was revoked. He said, "They have apologized for their mistake ndash; in writing. They can now attend their classes as earlier."

The decision is said to have come after the principal held a meeting with faculty members and Class Representatives over the issue. In the meeting, the students agreed that they would attend any meeting — including the ones related to Covid-19 — called by the management.

Dr Singla was firm on his stand of holding a physical interaction with the students. He said, "I'll again call a meeting to interact with them. It is important to have physical interaction as it'll help have a better impact on the students."

He said in the wake of upcoming final exams in January, he had to communicate with the students to take Covid-19 precautions seriously so as not to miss the exam. "I don't want students to miss any exam due to the disease. What is wrong in having a physical interaction in an auditorium that has the capacity of around 600?," he added.

Meanwhile, some of the professors criticised the punishment and said it was too 'harsh'. — TNS

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