Farmers in Delhi, sanitation union irrigates their fields in Jalandhar - ECAS Punjab

Farmers in Delhi, sanitation union irrigates their fields in Jalandhar

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Aparna Banerji

Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, December 9

"Tusi dilli datte raho, asi Punjab vich tuhadi fasal da khyal rakhange," (you stay put in Delhi, we will take care of your fields) — says a slogan from

the Water Supply and Sanitation Contract Workers' Union, Punjab.

In solidarity with the farm protests, members of the union are providing 'Pani Sewa' — watering and tending to the fields of farmers participating in the agitation at Delhi borders. Having declared to extend help to farmers on social media just a few days ago, the union has been flooded with calls from across the state. Some of the volunteers put manure and watered 14 acres of farm land of Darshan Singh at Dhaneth village today. More volunteers shall be heading to Pattran in Patiala.

volunteers in every district

At least 20 of our volunteers are just a call away in every district. The farmers are fighting for us. We deem it our job to tend to their fields in their absence. —Bhupinder Singh Kutbewal, Union Member

Darshan Singh had gone to the protests along with his father, leaving their 14-acre land back home unattended. Worried about the fields, Darshan was considering coming back to water the fields. Another elderly couple from Pattran participating in the farmers' agitation was clouded with worries about watering their fields back home.

Now, they no more have to worry about their crops as over 2,500 volunteers of the union are at their service to take care of the fields. The union also provides medicines, fodder, etc, to animals at farmers' houses. It is also holding 'mashaal' marches in villages to raise awareness.

Varinder Singh Momi, president of the Union, said: "Sada suneha hai ndash; nischint hoke dilli jao. Je utthe ho tan datte raho ndash; khet asi sambh lange. (Our message is: You go to Delhi without fear and if you are already there, don't worry about your fields because we will tend to them.) The union has 2,500 members and messages have been sent to all district heads to keep volunteers ready whenever a call comes. The union members themselves will also head to Delhi on December 10 to participate in the protests.

from The Tribune

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