Farmers’ protest: Poetry takes centre stage to vent out feelings - ECAS Punjab

Farmers’ protest: Poetry takes centre stage to vent out feelings

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Aakanksha N Bhardwaj
Tribune News Service
Jalandhar, December 18

Emotions are high and support is pouring from every quarter for protesting farmers. Everyone wants to do their bit to show their solidarity with farmers who had been protesting against the Centre for introducing three agri laws at Singhu and Tikri borders for more than 20 days.

Poetry has become a medium to nudge the Central Government and vent out one's feeling for safeguarding rights of agitating farmers.

Amolak Singh, chief, Punjab Lok Sbhyacharak, who had gone to participate in the stir, wrote for widows of farmers who had committed suicide, 'Photoa lai ke ture kaafile, dilli wall vaggiya, darda da dariya', kise da Jeevan sathi tur gya, kise de jigar da tota, raakh siwe di seene pukhdi, jiyundi lash ve loka'.

'Chall ve putta, dilli chaliye, maa photo chumdi kendi, dilli tera babal baitha, main piche kinj rehndi', he writes.

Amolak said, "It was such an emotional scene, when I saw the kin holding pictures of farmers who had committed suicide. I was pained and then words came out automatically, I wrote what I felt."

The Punjab Lok Sabhyacharak Manch also organised various nukkad nataks for farmers at the protest sites.

He concludes the poem, 'Assi na lain muaavze aaye, assi haa dassan aaye, pehle maran kabool saanu, hakk layi jujhan aaye'.

Narinder Kumar, who is an industrialist, wrote a poem "Assi chale jaane aa". 'Saada paani mod-de, Saadi mitti mod-de, asi chale jaane aa, apni khaad laija, maaru davayi laija, kali kamaai laija, kisan di khudaayi mod-de, asi chale jaane aa; asi mul mangan nai, hisab karan aaye aa, ajj de nai, chira de sataye aa, apne jhute parche laija, juthe karze laija, saade angoothe mod-de, asi chale jaane aa'.

from The Tribune

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