Lassi, kheer bring smile on farmers’ faces - ECAS Punjab

Lassi, kheer bring smile on farmers’ faces

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Manav Mander

Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 6

Nothing tastes as refreshing as ‘lassi’ and as sweet as ‘kheer’ for the farmers protesting at the Delhi border.

Both these delicacies are an integral part of the meals in rural Punjab and their mere sight brings a smile on the faces of farmers who have been protesting in Delhi for many weeks now.

A few Ludhiana residents today took an initiative and distributed ‘lassi’ and ‘kheer’ to the agitating farmers. As the farmers are also finding that the taste of the water is not as sweet as it is in Punjab, they are preferring ‘lassi’ over water. ‘Kheer’ is welcomed by them at any time of the day. The momentum has now started building in the urban areas too and city people are not only supporting the protesting farmers but also helping them in every possible way.

A group of four city residents who are from different fields started their journey at 4 am with their vehicle full of ‘lassi’ and ‘kheer’. “Some people from our village are also sitting in the protest and through them, I came to know that they are facing difficulty in arranging water. Moreover, they are not finding the taste of the water as sweet as in Punjab. That is when I decided to do my bit for those who provide us our daily meals,” said Eman Singh Tiwana.

He and his friends arranged 3,000 packets of ‘lassi’ and ‘kheer’ and distributed those among the protesting farmers.

“Our parents moved out of the villages and settled down in cities but villages are where we belong. Our forefathers were into agriculture. Farmers are our ‘annadata’ so how can we leave them alone while they are protesting?” said Jagbir Singh, who is into business and also does agriculture on a small basis.

Barinder Singh Bhangu, another city resident who went to the Delhi border, said that sight at the border was all together different. “Farmers were really excited at the sight of ‘lassi’ and ‘kheer’. It gave me immense satisfaction that I was able to do my bit,” he said. Another sight at the border that was appreciated by the Ludhiana group was that the farmers were not throwing waste here and there but collecting and disposing it of properly.

from The Tribune

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