Theatre artistes from Amritsar stir up creative quotient of protesters - ECAS Punjab

Theatre artistes from Amritsar stir up creative quotient of protesters

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Neha Saini

Tribune News Service

Amritsar, December 8

"Revolution, anywhere in the world, has always given birth to protest art that has defined the way for those who helmed it. Similarly, what's happening at the farmers' agitation will define how the Punjabi music and art will chart its way from now on," said Kewal Dhaliwal. The acclaimed and celebrated theatre director has been leading some powerful displays at the site of protests at the Singhu border. He is joined by several other prominent names from the fraternity in Punjab, who are lending a creative colour to the stir.

"Creative expression of protesting is the most peaceful way one can support the farmers. The overwhelming support from Punjabi music and art fraternity to the movement has been a positive development," he said. Dhaliwal recently performed a musical play 'Hariyan Sohniyan' along with his team at the site of protests. The play was a narrative about how a Punjabi farmer sows two crops a year and feeds the nation, while he himself remains in hunger and depravity.

"It was a folk musical play that raised a lot of questions for farmers as well as the politicos, who choose to see them with apathy. Despite growing food that eventually feeds the country, a farmer has always remained in poverty, never with a full stomach and a full pocket. The marginalised farmers, who are in large numbers in these protests, have always been exploited, whether by government agencies or by private players. Their condition never changed," said Dhaliwal.

Along with him, Gurmail Shamnagar, another theatre artist from Majitha, also performed with his team. Dhaliwal will be heading to the site for another play.

"The site has become a canvas for expression to those who chose to do it peacefully. So, we have a proper itinery prepared for the art and creative activities being organised at the place. We have performed at the petrol pumps while on our way and interacted with lot of protesters, who appreciated the support," he said.

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